Bolt bus

Unlike parent Greyhound, all tickets sold on BoltBus are for reserved seating and buses are not oversold. [6] On each trip, at least one ticket is sold for $1, with most pre-booked tickets priced in the $10–$20 range, via the yield management model. [15] BoltBus sells the $1 tickets at random within the first few seats sold. [6] The $1 fare is the basis for its slogan “Bolt for a Buck”. [16] Since buses don't operate out of traditional stations with ticket windows, passengers are encouraged to purchase tickets either online or on the phone before heading to the bus stop, but drivers will also accept cash from "walk-up" passengers, if space is available (walk-up tickets typically cost 30% more than online fares). [6] When ticketed, passengers are assigned to a boarding group (S, A, B & C). Passengers who purchased their tickets earlier get a better boarding group assignment, allowing them to board the bus and choose their seats earlier. Passengers who are members of the Bolt Rewards program are always assigned to the A boarding group. [6] Passengers who have special needs are assigned to the S boarding group and are allowed to pre-board before other passengers.

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Bolt bus

bolt bus


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