Bolt connector kit

Bolt on the best suspension possible for your ’62-’67 Nova. HEIDTS now offers their true bolt on Pro Touring full front subframe. Featuring their new Pro-G™ Suspension package for unbelievable cornering and overall handling. Simply unbolt and remove your front sheet metal, engine and trans, your old subframe, then slide in the new complete HEIDTS Subframe. Re-install your fresh engine, re-install your sheet metal and you are set to tear up the streets!  If adding the optional air ride shocks, please note that the rails must be pocketed for clearance .

• AC Level 1 is plugging in to a typical 120V/12 amp home outlet using the provided portable charge cord. It will charge the vehicle at a rate of 4 EV miles per hour of charging using the 12 amp setting. The 8 amp charge limit should be used until a qualified electrician inspects the electrical circuitry of the home, or if the electrical circuit or outlet capacity being used is not known.
• AC Level 2 is plugging in to a 240V/32 amp outlet using an available charging station, which will charge the vehicle at a rate of 25 EV miles per hour of charging.
• DC Fast Charging stations are available in many public areas. (Fig. 10) Using the SAE Combo connector will charge the vehicle to approximately 80 percent of capacity in about 60 minutes. The DC Fast Charging port is optional on . models and standard on Canadian models.

Subframe connectors are a key component regarding traction. The stiffer the chassis is, the more effectively the rear suspension can do its job and ultimately transfer the power to the ground. When you compare your engine’s HP output to the hp at your rear wheels, you’re really measuring how efficiently your car transfers energy. The more rigid suspension, body and driveline components are, the less power you lose before reaching the ground.
That’s one of the big reasons why tube-chassied cars launch so hard and straight. The tubing provides an incredibly rigid frame, so there is no chance to upset the suspension and waste valuable power. With subframe connectors installed, the suspension can do its job without having to overcome the force of a twisting chassis.

Bolt connector kit

bolt connector kit


bolt connector kitbolt connector kitbolt connector kitbolt connector kitbolt connector kit