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Essential when out and about with your baby. The Peg Perego changing bag that matches your modular travel system can carry everything you need to change your baby plus lots of other things you didn't think you needed!
It comes with a practical changing mat you can spread out anywhere, ensuring your baby is clean even in the most uncomfortable situations.
Its external pocket with a zip is perfect for carrying baby wipes, dummy, baby toys and your mobile.
Peg Perego bags are made of resistant fabrics with trendy colours. With their contemporary design, these Peg Perego bags can be used even without a pushchair because they have an adjustable strap, so you can wear them over your shoulder or across your body.

After reading this blog, I started checking sites that sell car seats, such as Amazon, Walmart, and the manufacturer websites, and none of them list on the item description or details the expiration term. As a child care provider, buying a car seat with a longer like means I’m getting more use for my dollar. It doesn’t affect parents as much, because their child will likely outgrow the seat before it expires. Child care providers are required to stop using the seat when it expires. Replacing multiple seats every six years (or less if the seat sat in a warehouse for awhile before purchase) is expensive. It seems like manufacturers don’t want consumers to have this information when we select a car seat.

Crash test primo viaggio

crash test primo viaggio


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