D'bolts e

a)   Steel Forgings duly hot dip galvanized.
b)   Steel fabricated components duly hot dip galvanized.
c)   Steel Bolts, Nuts, Washers and Cotter Pins duly hot dip galvanized.
d)   Spring Steel Washers duly electro-plated.
e)   Security Clips and Split Pins made of Stainless Steel.
f)   Aluminium Alloy Castings
g)   Aluminium Alloy Forgings.
h)   Aluminium / Aluminium Alloy extruded components.

For minimizing Corona and RIV (Radio Interference Voltage) losses, necessary devices are also provided on EHV (Extra High Voltage) Transmission Lines.

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D'bolts e

d'bolts e


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