Dbal laser

In 1947, Karl Steiner began a one-man workshop based on the single goal of creating optical products so functional, sturdy, and flawless nothing could compare. Today, Steiner products endure rigorous testing, inspection, and approval. Steiner lenses are grind and polished in house and endure 460 exacting steps. Once assembled they’re inspected, tested, and approved again. Steiner optics are built for abuse, designed for comfort, and crafted to not only further, but better. After a military vehicle was hit with an IED, the only thing to come out undestroyed was the men and a pair of Steiner military binoculars. The armor was misshapen and charred, but the lens and prism systems were still intact and usable.

A) Output & mode switch
1. ON LO PWR-->Low power constant on
2. MOM LO PWR-->Low power momentary on
3. OFF-->Off
4. MOM HI PWR-->Hi power momentary on
5. ON HI PWR-->Hi power constant on

B) Function switch
1. VIS POINT-->Visible pointer only
2. I/R ILLUM-->Infra-red illuminator only
3. I/R POINT & ILLUM-->Infra-red pointer and illumator
4. I/R POINT-->Infra-red pointer only
**Invisible laser and illuminator only visible with night vision equipment**

Dbal laser

dbal laser


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