Dbols side effects

While M-Drol users gain weight quickly while on cycle they also lose a good portion of this weight upon discontinuing the product. This is mostly due to the loss of water from within the muscle which makes the muscle look bigger while on cycle but isn’t a true “gain” in muscle. This is not to say that M-Drol does not produce great gains because it certainly does, however these gains may not be quite what they seem at first. M-Drol gains are mostly water and it seems to take about 1-2 weeks for this steroid to clear from your body.  That means if you gain 15lbs on a cycle of M-Drol you will end up with 7-8 lbs after the two week washout period at the end of the cycle.  The most dangerous part of M-Drol is that while you may technically be “off cycle” the liver damage an cardiovascular effects are still present.  Only the very experienced and hardcore should take M-DROL.  If you need quick muscle gains and are willing to take the proper support supplements and endure the side effects an M-drol cycle may be for you, and for those who wish to make steadier gains more comfortably there are many other options available using legal prohormones.

Dbols side effects

dbols side effects


dbols side effectsdbols side effects