Diana bolsinger

The Brooke family, to which Mrs. Morgan belongs, is among the oldest in Montgomery county. John is a prominent name in the family, there having been a John Brooke in nearly every generation to the present. John Brooke, with Frances, his wife, and two sons, James and Matthew, arrived in Pennsylvania from Yorkshire, England, in 1699. John had purchased from William Penn a tract of seven hundred and fifty acres of land, and on his death his sons took up the land in the township of Limerick, settling upon it. It occupied the central portion of the township. The house which they built in 1714 has been partly incorporated into the modern dwelling which is still standing on the premises originally owned by them, and the house built by Matthew Brooke's widow in 1721 was torn down in 1835 by one of the Bornemans who owned the property at that time.

Diana bolsinger

diana bolsinger


diana bolsingerdiana bolsingerdiana bolsingerdiana bolsingerdiana bolsinger