Diana boyle gourds

Here are a few shots for reference and complete recipe down below. Also v. good with the addition of a few frozen strawberries.
To avoid imbibing too many nasties, start with an organic lemon that’s been well-scrubbed.
Start by quartering the lemon. The pith of the lemon—the thick white stuff—is notoriously bitter. Use a sharp knife to cut off a bit of the pith from the ends of your lemon slices so that it doesn’t overwhelm your concoction.
The first time I made this, I used way too many ice cubes and ended up with something closer to a granita. Still delicious, but not quite lemonade. Four cubes seems like the best number for me. Fill up the blender with approximately 2 cups of water and a few tablespoons of sugar (I personally think this needs at least 3 tablespoons to be palatable, but I might just have an impossible sweet tooth.)
Blend for a full minute. Not twenty seconds. Sixty. If you don’t blend for long enough the result can be a little gritty.
Garnish with fresh mint, a lemon wheel, a strawberry, or positively nothing at all. Serve immediately.

Blender Lemonade

Diana boyle gourds

diana boyle gourds