Diana lol rework

Boy don’t I feel dumb. You’re absolutely right. I was confusing myself over the number of rows. For some reason, I was adding row 1 into my math. I ended up making your pattern exactly, and that’s what turned out looking great! Thank you, again, for the great pattern! I’ve made 3 slouchies with it so far, and everyone loves them! I thought I had spruced up your pattern a bit, but no, I was doing exactly what you instructed without realizing it. Take care, and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Luckily for me, my current kitchen has been overrun with black mold from the leaking refrigerator and the oven needs a new thermostat which I’ve been told will cost nearly as much as a new unit so I’ll be getting a new kitchen later this year. I suppose that I should just put myself WAY ahead of the next 20 or so years of “trends” and just go ahead and order golden oak cabinets then wait for them to come back into style but with I figure that I’ll be moved to the retirement home about 6 months before they become popular and my brilliance will be lost on the next owners…..so I’ll probably just go with gray. Please let me know when you go to mine your marble, if you don’t mind, I’ll give you my measurements and just have you mine some for me as well. That’ll allow me time for things like trying to determine if I should order harvest gold appliances or not.

my b day is near really interested in the clash 3000 . however yhese post are across the board with major quality issues i own several conflict reels my customers really like them however not sure im gonna get time out of them the battle 2 still works after 3 years of reds trout and etc . i dont think any reel used daily under 200 dollars are meant to last .these companies can all build better products if they did they wouldnt exist .i was told most outboard motors get less than 100 hrs of operation per year by the average consumer my merc blew up 700 hrs this is not a quality product yet i was told .most people never see those kind of hours i think the same holds true for reels

Diana lol rework

diana lol rework


diana lol reworkdiana lol reworkdiana lol reworkdiana lol reworkdiana lol rework