Dianabol gsl

If you wold be willing to send one 10PK of Calenika amps for me to sample I will be your biggest supporter as long as they are legit.  As for as money goes that is very little to spent to get your name well known on this board.  And I would be a repeat customer.  I live in the us so it sould't be hard to seld a sample to clear all this madness up. Unfortunately until somebody sees some of these HG samples they are going to be considered fakess, unless somebody proves othewise.  Once you prove you have legitemate gear i would be happy to sing your praise and recommencemed  you to our other members.  Please consider sending me a sample of a 10pk of Galenika and I will spread the work that they are legit, resultinng in many more customers.  We have kown each othe awhile, you know I know my shit and I'm just trying to help you build a rapport with this community.

Dianabol gsl

dianabol gsl


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