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We entertained my husband’s family yesterday in celebration of Master J’s 21st birthday. Nothing fancy–Lord D suggested prime rib with fixings, which in our household means yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables (green colored ones, optional). I married into a family of talented cooks, so I cook differently than I would for my own family. Lord D’s family ran a successful restaurant for a number of years; Lord D himself launched a national food magazine in his day, his sister is a caterer, and her son cooks with the passion of Mario Batali . We enjoy amazing meals at each other’s homes. While I could have served a simple meal for Master J, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to test recipes on this group, so I expanded the menu to include other period dishes which have already appeared on this blog, and two others from the First Class menu on Titanic. Note to aspiring cooks: testing recipes on family helps you perfect techniques before you invite the boss over for dinner.

Diebold revisor

diebold revisor


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