Lean project life cycle

Collaboration – Collaboration among construction project participants and/or stakeholder is critical to assuring a proper definition of the scope of services, and thus mandatory if the estimate is to reflect the expectations of the owners, design, contractor, etc. Achieving the best possible outcome for the estimate and the overall construction project, is dependent upon the processes involved in gathering accurate information in a timely manner. Employing the actions and philosophies associated with continuous improvement and LEAN best management practices adds to the overall success as well.

Every product has a life cycle. Just as living beings, it is born, it grows/changes, matures, loses ground and completes its life. The stages that define the product life in this way were put forth in The Product Life Cycle Theory. One or generally more projects and various operational works accompany the product throughout the product life. The expectations from the projects also vary with respect to the stage of the product. In this study, project, operational work and product are related as Product Life Cycle Based Project Management Model. In order to receive effective results from the projects that accompany the product, propositions are made on how to handle them. The propositions are tested with the outcomes of projects implemented in the software development sector.

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Lean project life cycle

lean project life cycle


lean project life cyclelean project life cyclelean project life cyclelean project life cyclelean project life cycle