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The issues in this company start at the top. Immediately replace the CEO and CTO and replace them with more competent executives that practice strategic thinking instead of tactical decision making. Next direct the focus of the company on the needs of customers. Those being the teachers, superintendents, school administrative staff, and especially the students. Let the customers and their valuable educational experience drive the product and work on helping them instead of hurting them. Finally, implement a better work-life balance that helps employees and their families instead of the current environment that tears them apart.”

With Nearpod, teachers can create their own or enjoy free premade interactive lessons for all K-12 subjects and grades. Nearpod does away with the mundaneness of traditional PowerPoints, allowing each student to go at his own pace or follow along with a synchronized teacher presentation on his own device. As an educator, I loved using Nearpod in my 1:1 classroom because students didn’t have to worry about not being able to see the board or asking me to go back to a previous slide. Teachers have several options within the Nearpod platform, including slides, virtual field trips, quizzes, polls, short answer or drawn responses, and so much more. Teachers receive real-time feedback and post-session reports on student comprehension. Nearpod is perfect for any lesson: introductory, enrichment, and remediation.

The Good: Mastery Connect is a web based software system which allows teachers to “effectively assess core standards, monitor student performance, and report student mastery to parents and administrators.” This program can be used across many subjects and is available for Title I funding. Mastery Connect allows users to share ideas with learning communities in their district as well as the other 10,000 districts in the network. It permits users to quickly and easily create or access assessments aligned to the Common Core or state standards, store resource pins and retrieve “additional resource tools to help teach and understand the standards. Mastery Connect was designed with Response to Intervention in mind [and] identify[ing] students for tiered interventions has never been easier.” This program provides immediate feedback on assessments to allow teachers to conduct ongoing diagnostics. The free resources available include: Team Data Collaboration Tools & Reporting, Assessment Privacy Controls, Student Reports, Parent Reporting, and Curriculum Maps. ( https:///tool/masteryconnect )

Masteryconnect bubble sheet

masteryconnect bubble sheet


masteryconnect bubble sheetmasteryconnect bubble sheetmasteryconnect bubble sheetmasteryconnect bubble sheetmasteryconnect bubble sheet