Mesterolone canada

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By SDS-PAGE and peptide mass fingerprinting, Ishitani et al. (2003) characterized human embryonic kidney cell nuclear proteins that interacted with purified AF-1 of AR. Proteins that interacted with AF-1 included nuclear RNA-binding protein NRB54 (NONO; 300084 ), polypyrimidine tract-binding protein-associated splicing factor (PSF, or SFPQ; 605199 ), paraspeckle protein-1 (PSP1, or PSPC1; 612408 ), and PSP2 (RBM14; 612409 ), which are assumed to be involved in pre-mRNA processing. Binding of NRB54 to AF-1 was ligand dependent, and AF-1 function was potentiated by NRB54.

Mesterolone canada

mesterolone canada


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