Mesterolone prolactin

However, in December 2004 the United States the 14-member Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee, plus voting consultants, for Reproductive Health Drugs unanimously rejected Procter and Gamble's fast-track request for Intrinsa citing concerns about off-label use . In Canada, post-menopausal women have been able to obtain government-approved testosterone treatment since 2002. In Australia, post-menopausal women can use Organon testosterone implants which have to be surgically inserted and last from three to six months. [3]

Now, as if all of this werent enough, lets talk about how Proviron affects your HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular-Axis)& the thing that regulates the male hormonal system. When a reasonable dose of this stuff is given (100-150mgs/day), it had no depressing effect on low or normal serum FSH and LH levels (6). Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Leutenizing Hormone (LH) are two hormones which send a signal to your testes to produce testosterone. Good news for people considering it for PCT is that it can even raise your LH (10)! Thus, by not suppressing those hormones and maybe even raising some, your normal testosterone levels will remain intact. This points to a novel use for this compound during Post-Cycyle-Therapy for a non-suppressive "bridge" between cycles. In fact, in yet another study, administration of Proviron (basically the same dose as in the last study) produced no changes in steroids, thyroid hormones, gonadotropins nor PRL (Prolactin Levels& you want those to remain low). (8).

What I get from it: I'm very vascular naturally but proviron makes my veins sticks out a bit more. Not as much as compounds like EQ or Masteron but it's very noticeable.
Libido : My libido is through the roof on proviron, it may be a problem for some but my GF is fine with that :)
Side effects : prostate hypertrophy. I've had symptoms in the past but now I use saw palmetto and it works as the symptoms went away pretty fast.
Proviron may increase blood pressure a bit but not by much
Dosages: I've used it at 50mg/day, in the morning with good success.
I tried dosages ranging from 30-200mg per day and I'd say the sweet spot is in between 50-100mg per day.
There isn't many benefits to go over 150mg/day as you mostly only get high blood pressure symptoms from the increased dosage, in my experience.

Mesterolone prolactin

mesterolone prolactin


mesterolone prolactinmesterolone prolactinmesterolone prolactinmesterolone prolactinmesterolone prolactin