Primo 100 bus route

ADL/Enviro 400s 10181 (SN63 JWJ), 19790 (LX11 BHF), 19849 (LX12 CZC) were loaned to Stagecoach South for the Wentworth Golf Tounament in late May.
Fire damaged Optare Versa 25321 (LX09 AAJ) has been scrapped “in house”, along with Trident 17896 (LX03 ORJ).
Sold to Ensign are Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s LX03 BXK/L/N/R/S/U/V/W/Y/Z, BYB, NFT, NGN, OSB.
Resold via Ensign:
Trident LX03 OSP – to Collins, Cambridge.
Sold via Lombard (dealer), Rotherham: Tridents 17815/17/22/26 (LX03 BXK/R/U/Z), 17871/79 (LX03 NFT, NGN).

incompatibility of the Software Product with any other system, device or product (. software or hardware). The Licensor also draws the attention of the User to the fact that, when using the Software Product in any form of vehicle, observing the traffic regulations and rules (. use of obligatory and/or reasonable and suitable security measures, proper and generally expected care and attention in the given situation, and special care and attention required due to the use of the Software Product) is the exclusive responsibility of the User.

Horses continued to be used for light shunting well into the 20th century. Many large metropolitan lines lasted well into the early twentieth century. New York City had a regular horsecar service on the Bleecker Street Line until its closure in 1917. [18] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , had its Sarah Street line drawn by horses until 1923. The last regular mule-drawn cars in the US ran in Sulphur Rock, Arkansas , until 1926 and were commemorated by a . postage stamp issued in 1983. [19] The last mule tram service in Mexico City ended in 1932, and a mule tram in Celaya, Mexico , survived until 1954. [20] The last horse-drawn tram to be withdrawn from public service in the UK took passengers from Fintona railway station to Fintona Junction one mile away on the main Omagh to Enniskillen railway in Northern Ireland. The tram made its last journey on 30 September 1957 when the Omagh to Enniskillen line closed. The "van" now lies at the Ulster Transport Museum.

Primo 100 bus route

primo 100 bus route


primo 100 bus routeprimo 100 bus routeprimo 100 bus routeprimo 100 bus routeprimo 100 bus route