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Testosterone supplements are known to increase one's metabolism. For me in about 3 weeks of taking one HOM brand testosterone undecaboate 40 mg capsule daily - it has meant a breakthrough in weight loss - mostly fat around the middle. Since May of 2013 through February 2014 I cut my calorie, fat and carb intake - overall portion intake progressively by more than 50% - perhaps as low as 45% of what I was taking in last May. I reach a plateau of weight loss in January 2014. Coming to Thailand in January caused me to cut my daily intake to what it is now. During February nothing happened -- total stasis. Not good - as I still have fat around the middle - typical American older guy. Since starting the supplement that I just described above, I have lost least one kilogram in weight - mostly fat loss. Their seems to be a small amount of muscle replacement - not much. Over my beer belly is now diminishing more. My slip over shirt barely bulges out now. Note: I have been walking - hot or cool outside - since about January 20th. I walk between 5-10 kilometers 5 days a week. Before starting the Testosterone supplement, the combined walking and continued reasonable - low everything diet was producing little noticeable effect - I had reached a metabolic plateau. I attribute the static weight loss breakthrough to the T. supplement. I take only one capsule daily - the literature that comes with the supplement suggest 3 to 4 caps daily. I could not take that much as I would wired all day and would likely push up my B/P way too much. I take many natural supplements some to regulate blood pressure and enlarged prostate (saw palmetto extract I found here in Thailand called Sametto - which works GREAT). I am well educated and experienced in medicine and health matters and I am watchful of any side effects. This particular form of testosterone does not seem to have much effect on virility. By the way -- the Testosterone supplement I write about was OTC over the counter - recommended by an English speaking pharmacist... recommended over other brands I was looking at.

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Proviron mims

proviron mims


proviron mimsproviron mims