Tbolt clamps napa

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I had the wheels and hub/spacers on the coach for a relatively short time to test the setup. I think that there is no doubt that they help the rut stability problem. However, they do indeed change the geometry of the front end. Torque steer is definitely an issue. They clearly accentuated a left to left-right-left (or is it right-left-right) front drive wiggle upon starting out. I talked about with this with Mike Mayo, and he felt that this was the only significant negative to the wide wheels. I found the ride to be harsher and I felt the bumps more extremely. This may have been my coach or it may be the offset. Likely it is something that can be adjusted out of the coach with some creative alignment work. I took them off the coach because I will be  doing a lot of work on the front end and wanted to be sure that any problems are not related to the wide rims. My intention is to try them again once everything is overhauled - bearings, hubs etc.   My suggestion for the perfect set up is to widen the frame at the front, which is in agreement with Brent's most recent posting. This would mean not only changing the frame, but getting custom sway bars, axles etc. It would probably work superbly though.  If anyone would like to seriously experiment with my rims on their coach, then please get in Marks

Tbolt clamps napa

t bolt clamps napa


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