Tbulb 120v 20w

Lamp PHILIPS ECOTONE 11W use again simplified wiring like a Isotronic lamp. This lamp compared to other has a right dimensed components, that electronics probably can live longer. Wiring is less cheated than others. It has coil L2 for blocking HF interference and capacitor C1 for voltage 1200V, which is very much stressed. Tube is superior compared to a no-name types. Light color "warm white" brings light of classic bulb and doesn't have a small pink tone like others. Tube is a little longer and have much light compared to others 11W types. All these lamps, which I have from several series have identical color tone and brilliance. Compared to lamps MAWAY, where every item have different color tone, some have destroyed electronics, some have pipe with a lost vacuum etc... It is seen, that lamps from marked manufacturers have guaranteed parameters and better quality than no-name.

We had our kitchen remodeled; new cabinets, countertop, range, refigerator, microwave, dishwasher and floor.

The cabinets around the microwave were custom made; it looks great but it hid the screws, which had to be unscrewed to remove the grill so the interior light of the microwave could be replaced.

A stand was used to support the microwave as I lowered it so the screws could exposed so the light could be replaced.

The light was replaced, the microwave was raised back into place and all is well. I replaced the bulb while my wife was out of town. When she returned she noticed that the microwave was nice and clean; she was NOT aware of the fact that the bulb was replaced!

Racine, WI

Tbulb 120v 20w

t bulb 120v 20w


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