Typing master one game

December 14, 2016 - The wait is over - our keyboarding courses are now available also for tablets! All the engaging keyboarding exercises that you have enjoyed on computers are now brought over to tablets in every detail. The Study Area has also been given a new refreshed look to make it a pleasure to use on touch screen... Keep reading

Without Seeing Alphabet typing from the Typing Machine to typing words and form a sentence. It is the one of the best for concentrations and ten fingers exercise and practices.
It is Long-period use. We can benefit using this ever. Although the system in use in the state office. Typing Machine has particular special recognition in government office because it is used for very important and confidential purpose of work. So you improve your typing skill from here "typing " it will help for your future and will get a Government job in particular department.

Sl. Platform Shortcuts Descriptions 1. Word File Ctrl + C Copy selected item 2. Word File Ctrl + X Cut selected item 3. Word File Ctrl + V Paste 4. Word File Ctrl + Z Undo 5. Word File Ctrl + S Save current file 6. Word File Ctrl + F Select the search box to search for word(s) 7. Word File Ctrl + A Select everything 8. Word File Shift + Left Arrow Select previous letter 9. Word File Shift + Right Arrow Select next letter 10. Word File Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Select previous word 11. Word File Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Select next word 12. Word File Ctrl + Left Arrow Navigate cursor to previous word without selecting 13. Word File Ctrl + Right Arrow Navigate cursor to next word without selecting 14. Word File Home Go to start of line 15. Word File End Go to end of line 16. Word File Page up Scroll up 17. Word File Page Down Scroll down 18. Browser Ctrl + Tab Move forward through tabs 19. Browser Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move back through tabs 20. Browser Ctrl + T Open a new tab 21. Browser Ctrl + W Close current tab 22. Browser Ctrl + Shift + T Open previously closed tab 23. Browser Ctrl + R Refresh current webpage 24. Browser Ctrl + N Open a new browser window 25. Browser Backspace Go back one page 26. Browser Shift + Backspace Go forward one page 27. Windows Alt + Tab Switch to next opened window 28. Windows Alt + F4 Close current window

Typing master one game

typing master one game


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